Toucan Breeders

I have only personally dealt with Emerald Forest Bird Gardens out of these breeders. If you are interested in finding out more about these other breeders I recommend trying to contact them and ask questions. For example try to arrange to actually see their facilities. I tend to be a bit skeptical when a bird breeder won’t let me see where they keep their birds as I like to know what sort of environment the birds are being kept in. Also you are less likely to be scammed if you can actually meet the breeder and see the birds for yourself.

Also I recommend trying to find people whom have gotten birds from these breeders, or personally know these breeders and asking them questions as well (such as for example what do they think about how the breeder cared for their birds).

If you have gotten a bird from one of these breeders or dealt with one of them before I would love to hear about your experience with them.
This is all around great site full of articles, and photos, but primarily it is a softbill specific classifieds site. I highly recommend visiting this site whether you are looking for a particular softbill or just want to find out a bit more about them

Emerald Forest Bird Gardens
This is the site of Jerry Jennings; breeder of toucans and other birds. I got both my emerald toucanets from him, and have been quite impressed both by his knowledge, the speed and willingness with which he responds to questions over email, and very importantly the environments he has for his animals. He has a very large selection of toucan species, and other bird species as well. He is located in Fallbrook California, which is near San Diego

Aracaris Aviaries
Aracaris aviaries has Guyana toucanets, aracaris and also conures and other parrots. They are located in Southern California

Well Bred Toucans
A breeder of toco toucans. A very simple site, with some pictures, but not a lot of information. I recommend emailing them.

Toucan Jungle
Located in Southern California. Toucan Jungle has various other softbills available as well as toucans. They seem to have a lot of imported birds when I’ve looked at their site (which may be a good option if you are a breeder yourself and need new blood). Their website also does mention they are not open to the public. However I found a video of where Toucan Jungle houses their birds on YouTube, looks like they have some pretty nice and big enclosures for their animals.

Beaks Birdhouse
A breeder near Chicago. Beaks Birdhouse breeds green aracaris (the smallest species of toucan) as well as other softbills, such as whitebacked mousebirds.

At Feathers End Aviary
A breeder of aracaris and other birds in Michigan.

Birds on Safari
A bird breeder in Florida. They mainly have parrots but I’ve seen Guyana toucanets listed on their site, and a listing for Swainson’s toucans posted by them on

Birds of Paradise Aviary
A bird breeder in southern California that has a selection toucans, including some toucanets, and aracaris. The owner Chad Jensen had an interview with BirdTalk Magazine which you can also find on this site.

Pippin's Roost Exotics
Another breeder located in Fallbrook California. This breeder has a variety of toucan species available, as well as mousebirds and various parrots.

The Bird House
The Bird House has a variety of birds, including toucans, toucanets, and aracaris. They are located in Florida. I'm not positive if they breed their own toucans, or get them from someone else whom does.