Arisia the emerald toucanet

Arisia is my female emerald toucanet, I got her from the same place that I got Hal; Emerald Forest Bird Gardens. Arisia is my second and youngest toucanet. When I first picked up Arisia she was just a scruffy (but very cute) little ball of feathers. She has matured into a very attractive (and of course still cute) female toucanet.

I'm currently working on getting Hal and Arisia paired up, but it has been quite a challenge. Arisia and Hal are always back and forth between fighting and courting one another. Toucanets court each other by offering each other fruit, and also by bill fencing, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Arisia and a dragon buddy

Arisia is a relatively gentle toucanet, and loves to be pet and given scratches. When out of the cage she likes to perch way up high on my book shelf or on the ceiling fan. On my book shelf I have a collection of dragon figurines, which for some reason Arisia has taken a liking to. She decided these fearsome looking monsters are great for cuddling, and I found that she'd fall asleep nestled amongst them. Of course she'd also sometimes play with them, which sometimes led to them getting knocked off the shelf. So finally I went and got Arisia her own dragons, and made a little bed for her on one of the book shelves, which is where she falls asleep almost every night.