In Progress Website-Design Update

If you have visited The Toucanet’s Roost  in the past you’ll notice that most of the site looks different now.  I am working on a design update for the website, most of it is all ready done, and the blog will be redesigned to fit in with the rest of the site soon.

Should I let my toucan around other birds?

This is a question that I’ve found is asked pretty often, and so I’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog post to this issue.


Toucan Breeding Q&A with Jason Crean (Beak’s Bird House)

Welcome to the second Toucan Breeder Q&A!  This Q&A is with Jason Crean of Beak’s BirdHouse.  Thank you Jason.


Toucan Breeding Q&A with Jerry Jennings.

I’ve sent out a list of questions for toucan breeders.  Here is my first reply, from Jerry Jennings of Emerald Forest Bird Gardens.  Thank you Jerry Jennings.


Emerald toucanet communication

Today’s blog is about the various sounds that emerald toucanets make to communicate.


An Introduction to Softbills: what they are, and before you get one.

When most people think of pet birds a number of parrot species, canaries, and a few finch species are what come to mind, and all the common pet birds have something in common; a diet that is primarily seed (though these birds should certainly not only be fed seed, they too need a diverse diet). Indeed many people are unaware that such a huge variety of other bird species are kept, including toucans, starlings, and hornbills among many others. (more…)

The Pro-Pet letter writing campaign

There was a simply huge letter writing campaign against H.R.669, and if you aren’t all ready familiar with that bill, here’s a good resource to check out (more…)

Toys for Toucans

A lot of people have asked me if toucanets play with toys, and what kind of toys are good for them.  My toucanets are both certainly very playful, and in general this is the case with members of the toucan family.  (more…)

Featured Bird #1 European Starlings

This is the first in what will be a regular series of posts, each of which will feature a new species of softbilled bird.  Our first featured bird is the European starling. (more…)

Hey, give me back my chocolates!

You can spend all kinds of money on toys for toucans…and what do they decide to play with? (more…)