Keeling over…or fun in the sun

Imagine this…you come home to find your bird all puffed up with its mouth open, and perhaps even its tongue hanging out of the side its mouth.  Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, the bird begins to lean over on its perch, looking like it could just fall off at any moment.

You panic thinking your bird is about to keel over, it’s a pretty sunny day, so maybe your bird is suffering from a heat stroke.  You run over, and suddenly your bird perks up, and starts acting completely normal.   The behavior I described is perfectly normal sun bathing behavior for toucans.  Your bird was just having some fun in the sun.

Hal sunbathing

Hal is having a good time sunbathing outside.

This is of course not to say that when it’s a hot day you shouldn’t watch your birds to make sure that they aren’t actually overheating.  If your bird is just panting, and especially if it’s panting and holding its wings slightly out from the rest of its body, chances are it’s thirsty and/or overheating.  Make sure your bird always has plenty of water, and can get out of the sun if necessary.

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