Toucan Breeding Q&A with Jason Crean (Beak’s Bird House)

Welcome to the second Toucan Breeder Q&A!  This Q&A is with Jason Crean of Beak’s BirdHouse.  Thank you Jason.

Q: Which would you say you’ve had the most luck breeding?
A: Green aracaris seem to be the best species to breed as, once you have a compatible pair, they can produce chicks in a healthy environment.

Q: Which has proven to be the most challenging and why?
A: Some of the rarer aracaris and larger toucans have been difficult. This is why I have stuck with green aracaris.

Q: Which one have you found to be the easiest to work with?
A: Green aracaris!

Q: Which species would you say is least prone to mate aggression?
A: I don’t have that much of a comparison as many of the birds I have worked with came to me as pairs. I haven’t had any issues with mate aggression in the green aracaris but have seen/heard about it in some of the larger species.

Q: Which requires the most space? The least?
A: The larger the toucan, the more space needed.

Q: Any other particular issues that you’ve encountered with breeding these birds that are important for new breeders to be aware of?
A: These birds need big enclosures, as much natural sunlight as possible, and a hugely varied diet. My green aracaris prefer their nest log entrance to be 6 feet from the ground or more so tall flights seem to be the best way to go. It is also vital to have cameras on your logs so you can monitor your chicks. This has been a major factor in our breeding success.

Q: Any tips for those whom want to breed toucans for the first time?
A: Don’t think you’ll have success right away and don’t cut corners. I talk to people all the time who want to set up pairs in their home and think they’ll breed under artificial lights. In my experience, this doesn’t work and people seem to talk themselves into thinking it will be ok even if they cut corners. These species can all have their challenges!

Q: Any particular species you would recommend for first time breeders?
A: Green aracaris seem to be agreed upon as a good species to start with as they appear to be more adaptable than others.

Hope this info helps!

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