The Pro-Pet letter writing campaign

There was a simply huge letter writing campaign against H.R.669, and if you aren’t all ready familiar with that bill, here’s a good resource to check out
It was very clear that having a huge number of people writing letters to their representatives against this bill made an impact, our voices were heard.

I think it’s important that we continue to remind our elected officials that we are here, and not going away.  This will help spread awareness of our concerns, and hopefully have a positive impact.

Here’s my own letter, obviously yours doesn’t have to be anything like mine if you write one, you could have different concerns you want to bring up, or simply to write something positive about pet ownership.

“There is a growing concern among those whom keep and raise animals, especially the more exotic ones that our interests are being pushed aside in favor of the radical animal rights agenda.  I ask that when you are considering any new legislation that deals with animals to please keep those of us whom keep and breed animals in mind.

Legislation should encourage responsibility, while respecting an individual’s privacy; it should encourage animal husbandry to thrive, from domestics, to exotics, to farm animals, while also doing things that actually can reduce incidences of animal abuse.

It seems like too often legislation now is simply aimed at limiting animal keeping rather than encouraging it to thrive, as if severely reducing or even eliminating animal keeping were the only solution.

The pet industry, private hobbyists, and breeders thrive on a diversity of breeds and species of animals; laws should support and indeed encourage this need for diversity, while minimizing risks.

Outright prohibitions are to be discouraged other than as a very last resort to dealing with problems posed by specific species.

Instead of laws that impose limits on the number of animals one can have,  laws should seek to genuinely do something to improve the lives of animals, while allowing a person to keep however many they can properly care for.  After all one dog is too many for some people, while others are perfectly able to care for many dogs (this can apply to any animal).

I ask that you please support animal keeping and take those of us involved in it into consideration when you are passing legislation that could impact our way of life.”

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