An Introduction to Softbills: what they are, and before you get one.

When most people think of pet birds a number of parrot species, canaries, and a few finch species are what come to mind, and all the common pet birds have something in common; a diet that is primarily seed (though these birds should certainly not only be fed seed, they too need a diverse diet). Indeed many people are unaware that such a huge variety of other bird species are kept, including toucans, starlings, and hornbills among many others. (more…)

Featured Bird #1 European Starlings

This is the first in what will be a regular series of posts, each of which will feature a new species of softbilled bird.  Our first featured bird is the European starling. (more…)

Before Bringing Home Birdie: Deciding Which Bird to Get.

Too many people go out and buy or adopt a pet without putting much thought into it before hand, and with little preparation often with negative consequences for both pet and owner. (more…)