Should I let my toucan around other birds?

This is a question that I’ve found is asked pretty often, and so I’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog post to this issue.


Toucan Breeding Q&A with Jason Crean (Beak’s Bird House)

Welcome to the second Toucan Breeder Q&A!  This Q&A is with Jason Crean of Beak’s BirdHouse.  Thank you Jason.


Toucan Breeding Q&A with Jerry Jennings.

I’ve sent out a list of questions for toucan breeders.  Here is my first reply, from Jerry Jennings of Emerald Forest Bird Gardens.  Thank you Jerry Jennings.


Emerald toucanet communication

Today’s blog is about the various sounds that emerald toucanets make to communicate.


Toys for Toucans

A lot of people have asked me if toucanets play with toys, and what kind of toys are good for them.  My toucanets are both certainly very playful, and in general this is the case with members of the toucan family.  (more…)

Hey, give me back my chocolates!

You can spend all kinds of money on toys for toucans…and what do they decide to play with? (more…)

Tails Up!

Toucans have a very unusual sleeping posture. (more…)

Keeling over…or fun in the sun

Imagine this…you come home to find your bird all puffed up with its mouth open, and perhaps even its tongue hanging out of the side its mouth.  Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, the bird begins to lean over on its perch, looking like it could just fall off at any moment.