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I'm planning to make some serious changes to this site. That means that the Toucanet's Roost will be getting a whole new look, and quite possibly some fun new features.

New 6/14/10: The Toucan Quiz

You can test your toucan knowledge with this fun interactive quiz.

For on site articles please visit the blog. For all other articles, visit the articles section.

This website is dedicated to toucanets and other members of the toucan family, as well as other birds. Here you will find a collection of toucan relevant articles, pictures, as well as toucan breeders, and more. While the focus of this site is primarily ramphastids (toucans) you will find other bird relevant resources on this site as well, and a blog with posts both on my own emerald toucanets, and other bird related subjects.

Know of a toucan breeder not listed here?

Well, if you do, then please let me know by emailing me at emeraldtoucanet@gmail.com. I will need the breeder's URL (website address) so that I can list it.

Got Toucan Pictures?

I am going to be creating a toucan gallery for The Toucanet's Roost, but I need more than just pictures of my own birds. If you have a picture you would like to submit please email me at:

Send your toucan picture(s) with your name or online alias (so I can give you credit) and an optional short (one or two sentence) description, which can include the bird's species or other information.

The Toucan Family Ramphastidae

Toucanets are members of the toucan family ramphastidae. All ramphastids are native to Central and South America. Toucans are in order Piciformes along with woodpeckers and barbets. There are several genus within family ramphastidae and they are as follows:

the emerald toucanet is a small member
of the toucan family

  • Aulacorhynchus – the green toucanets, such as the emerald toucanet.
  • Selenidera – includes what are often called the dichromatic toucanets, such as the Guianan Toucanet. Unlike most other toucans, birds in the genus are sexually dimorphic.
  • Pteroglossus – includes the aracaris, such as the collared aracari.
  • Andigena – includes the mountain toucans, such as the plate–billed mountain toucan.
  • Ramphastos – includes the black toucans, also called typical toucans, such as the toco.

Pet Toucans

As pets toucans, particularly hand fed ones, make friendly and very playful companions. Toucans fall into the softbill category; softbill is not a scientific term, but is used to refer to birds which don’t have the seed based diet common to so many parrots and finches, all though occasionally (and incorrectly) non–parrot birds such as the seed–eating varieties of finches and doves are also tossed under the category of softbill. Other softbills include mynah birds, mousebirds, and turacos. Toucans have diets that are fruit based, and should never be offered bird seed.

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